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GTX Ride On Scrubber Machine

Factory Cat's GTX industrial ride on scrubber machine combines high productivity with maneuverability for outstanding floor cleaning performance. A casual look at competitive rider scrubbers and it is obvious that the Factory Cat GTX scrubber is built to a higher standard of toughness. The heavy duty steel frame and stainless steel fasteners offer customers the peace of mind that their investment in the GTX rider scrubber machine is one that will last for many years.

With two specialized scrubbing systems to choose from, GTX floor scrubbers offer the performance and capacity required to clean your unique application. The GTX industrial ride on scrubber has 35 gallon tanks, which is generally 25% more than the nearest competitor machine. While the GTX scrubber is built standard with the industry's leading battery package, an optional 325ah battery option can be selected for up to 7 hours of run time.

The multiple "Disk" scrub decks sizes offer gimbaled brush drive and 50% more scrubbing power than competitive brands. The heavy duty "Cylindrical" scrub decks can scrub and sweep in a single pass, saving labor for the customer and reducing down time to clogs.

The operator sits in a spring-suspension, fully adjustable, mid-back chair and has a full apron to protect the footwell. The adjustable steering column, headlight, and armrests further enhance operator comfort on this rider battery scrubber.

The GTX scrubber machines have a powerful drive motor, can climb steep ramps, and come standard with heavy duty tires. Features include an automatic parking brake and reduction of transport speed while scrubbing or reversing. For the most extreme scrubber applications, customers can have their GTX rider battery scrubber built with our HD side doors and tower rollers, providing unsurpassed protection to the scrub deck. The heavy duty rear bumper is a standard feature and prevents most damage from the common collisions in reverse.

Our Central Command II system includes an LCD readout, on-board diagnostics, and four hour meters, simplifying preventive maintenance intervals. If the batteries become too discharged, the GTX floor scrubber automatically shuts down all systems to allow the machine to return to the charge station.

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Model Disc Cylindrical
Body Construction / Dimensions
Tank Material Poly (3/8” (.95 cm) thick) Poly (3/8” (.95 cm) thick)
Chassis Construction 3/16" Steel (.3175 cm) 3/16" Steel (.3175 cm)
Rear Wheels (diameter x width) (2) 12" x 5" (30 x 13 cm) (2) 12" x 5" (30 x 13 cm)
Size (L x W x H) 54" x 26" x 55" (137/63/140 cm) 54" x 26" x 55" (137/63/140 cm)
Weight 780 lbs. (354 kg) 780 lbs. (354 kg)
Weight (w / 245 ah batteries) 1,222 lbs. (554 kg) 1,222 lbs. (554 kg)
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