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Magnum Walk Behind Industrial Scrubber

Introduced in 2006, the new MAGNUM walk behind industrial scrubber quickly became the standard by which other midsized automatic scrubbers are judged. The MAGNUM industrial scrubber combines our historic cleaning ability with improved agility, and operator productivity. Factory Cat scrubbing machines thrive in steel fabrication shops, truck repair stations, warehouse distribution buildings, foundries or other industrial environments where durability and scrubbing performance is paramount.

The MAGNUM floor scrubber is available with a large 360 amp hour battery package for long run time, and 30-gallon tanks to reduce time lost to draining and refill. Many features made this scrubber a favorite with the maintenance staff, included the tip back tank feature, fully accessible recovery tank, the drain saver basket and top side access to all service items. Since the MAGNUM battery scrubber is meant to go into the most challenging "industrial scrubber" applications, it was designed to survive the rigors of daily use and digesting plenty of waste. After over 20 years of servicing the industrial market, we understand the need to maintain the scrubber's small footprint and maneuverability, while building it durably.

MAGNUM "Disk" floor scrubbers pack more scrubbing power than other machines, and the deck is guarded by heavy duty steel jaws. To offer superior scrubbing on uneven surfaces, the brushes are mounted to the powerful motors with a flexible clutch. This also reduces the wear and tear on the output shaft of the scrub motors and therefore extends their life.

The "Cylindrical" battery scrubbers are selected by those customers looking to sweep and scrub at the same time, thus removing the need to pre-sweep an area first. To ensure even cleaning over irregular floors, the scrubbers' brush pressure adjusts automatically via a 500 pound capacity actuator. The deluxe dashboard offers the operator a screen with diagnostics codes and service hour meters for scheduled maintenance on vacuums, scrub and traction systems. The "Central Command" dashboard also keeps the operator alert to all systems running and the remaining battery charge. Should the battery pack become too low, the floor scrubber will reduce power to allow the operator to drive back to the charger.

The heavy steel construction, oversized motors, extra thick polyurethane tanks and stainless steel fasteners provide a solid foundation. The MAGNUM industrial scrubber has a powerful, sealed transaxle for climbing steep ramps and heavy duty tires to withstand harsh chemicals. The four point stance and oversized wheels allow it to remain stable over rough terrain.

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Model 26″ – 34″ Disk 24″ – 34″ Cylindrical
Body Construction
Tank Construction 7/16″ Roto-Poly 7/16″ Roto-Poly
Frame Construction 3/16″ Steel 3/16″Steel
Drive Wheel (2)12″dia. x 3.5″ (2)12″dia. x 3.5″
Casters (2)5″dia. x 2″ (2)5″dia. x 2″
Body Dimensions (L x W x H) 56″x 24″x 43″ 56″x 24″x 43″
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