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MicroMag Floor Scrubber Machine

Factory Cat's new MICROMAG walk behind floor scrubber machine brings together our reputation for heavy duty build and American made components, but in our smallest footprint to date. The MICROMAG battery powered floor scrubber is available in both pad assist or traction versions. Because of its thick steel frame and short length, the automatic scrubber can navigate congested machine shops and survive the occasional collision. Popular with truck repair stations, cold storage facilities and anywhere customers are looking for the toughest compact scrubber.

The MICROMAG battery scrubber is available with a large battery package and 10-gallon tanks, which allow the operator to spend more time cleaning and less time returning to drain/refill the tanks or recharging batteries. The automatic scrubber can be equipped with either a 17" or 20" disk scrub head and we offer a complete line of brushes and pads to match each application.

The "Disk" scrub decks offer nearly 35% more power than other walk behind scrubbers. The deck is protected by steel guards and large rollers keep the floor scrubber from marking walls. The MICROMAG's scrub brush is driven by powerful American motors, and gimbal-mounted, to improve cleaning on uneven floors.

The scrubbing brush is raised and lowered with a simple foot pedal to make it easier on the operator. The dashboard uses simple marine duty switches for longevity and inexpensive repairs down the road. A battery gauge and hour meter are standard equipment, and a deluxe brush pressure gauge is optional. The heavy steel construction, oversized motors, extra thick polyurethane tanks and stainless steel fasteners provide a solid foundation. The traction drive version of the MICROMAG battery scrubber has a powerful, sealed transaxle for climbing steep ramps and the four point stance allow it to remain stable over rough floors.

Your operators will find the MICROMAG floor scrubber machine easy to operate into crowded areas, and simple to service. It's "Tip Back" tank permits direct and top side access to all of the scheduled maintenance items. We encourage and welcome any side by side comparison to the cheap imports that are flooding the market from overseas. Invite your best mechanic to observe and judge for themselves.

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Model Micro - 17″, 20″ MicroMag - 17″, 20″
Body Construction/Dimensions
Tank Material Poly (5/16″ thick) Poly (5/16″ thick)
Chassis Construction 1/8″ Coated Steel 1/8″ Coated Steel
Rear Wheels (2) 8″ x 2″ (2) 8″ x 3″
Front Casters (2) 2.5″ x 1.38″ (2) 2.5″ x 1.38″
Size (L x W x H) 37″ x 18″ x 38″ 40″ x 18″ x 38″
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