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XR Industrial Rider Scrubber Sweeper

Our customers asked us to build a highly productive rider scrubber that could make U-turns in 7 seven foot aisles, but at a budget conscious level. The XR rider scrubber sweeper combination machine offers the added benefit of sweeping up debris while scrubbing. This may eliminate the need to pre-sweep an area, increasing productivity.

The XR industrial scrubber sweeper has 68 gallon tanks and scrub paths from 34" up to a whopping 46". This permits the operator to clean large areas without making frequent trips back to drain and refill the tanks. The cylindrical or disk scrub decks offer the flexibility to scrub smooth epoxy, concrete, rubber running tracks, or the grout lines of ceramic tile. As a battery powered scrubber / sweeper machine, the dual side brooms extend the sweeping up the edge of the walls and underneath racking.

The XR battery scrubber is an industrial scrubber, designed for use in warehouse or metal fabrication facilities. The scrub decks can be protected by the HD side doors, and the rider scrubber comes with a rear bumper standard to protect the squeegee from collisions in reverse. A long list of standard items on the Factory Cat XR scrubber are options on other brands, such as dual vacuum motors, deluxe seat, adjustable steering column, dual headlights, horn, backup alarm, to just name a few.

The XR rider scrubber's side wipers and efficient squeegee design ensure the scrubber delivers optimum water control and recovery on turns. The recovery tank is fully accessible, for easy cleanup and sanitization. All components are made of heavy gauge steel, and attached with stainless fasteners to simplify any maintenance.

Factory Cat's XR rider scrubber sweeper tanks tip back for easy "top side" access to all the regular maintenance items, like the stainless solution filter, the vacuum motors, squeegee actuators, solution valve and more. Further easing any scheduled maintenance in the future, the XR scrubber uses only stainless fasteners, hinges and like a quality boat, all fasteners are through bolted for a stainless to stainless connection.

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Body Construction/Dimensions
Tank Material Poly (3/8″ thick) Poly (3/8″ thick)
Frame Construction 7-gauge (3/16″ Steel) 7-gauge (3/16″ Steel)
Rear Wheels (diameter x width) 14″ x 5″ 14″ x 5″
Drive Wheel (diameter x width) 12″ x 4″ 12″ x 4″
Size (L x W x H) 69″ x 36″ x 56″ 69″ x 36″ x 56″
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